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Prime Glass provides glass for all types of residential and commercial applications 

All the glass sheets we keep in stock can be processed in a variety of ways to suit individual requirements.

Prime Glass provides a full range of glass installation services from exterior façade to interior glass.

Some of our products include:

Safety Glass:

Laminated Safety Glass

(In-house Lamination plant)

Toughened Glass

Glass from Stock:

4-19mm Clear

4-19mm Low Iron (Opti-white)

4-15mm Satin (obscure)

Solar Control Glass

Self Clean Glas

Fire resistant Glass (Pyro)

Acoustic Glass (Noise Control)

6.4mm - 12.8mm Laminate

In our factory we offer an extensive range of glass processing activities including:            


               * Glass Cut to Size

               * CNC and waterjet shape cutting 

               * Polishing

               * Sandblasting

               * Drilling

               * Lamination

               * Back Painting (Splashbacks)


Structural Glazing 

Structural Glass is a glass specifically manufactured to serve as a structural element in a building, creating a highly attractive design with more light and greater feeling of space.

We pride ourselves in offering a range of structural glass solutions, which allow the architects to build the entire structure out of glass, creating a bright and contemporary environment for both residential and commercial projects.


  • Prime Glass is at the forefront of bespoke architectural glass innovation.
  • Ideal for use as curtain walls for exterior façade as well as internal partitions
  • More light, more space and a contemporary design

Design and Installation

Our In-house architects and designers work with our customers at all times, to fully understand their needs, enabling them to achieve the best overall value in terms of product specification, technical expertise, cost and service.

We specialise in innovative architecture and challenging building projects with specialised materials, complex geometry and novel structural designs.

  • We provide a full range of glass installation services from exterior façade to interior glass.
  • We have demonstrated expertise in glazing from custom installation to large glass complex applications.
  • From pre-construction planning to final completion, our experienced team ensures that the project runs smoothly.



All our bespoke rooflights are uniquely designed to suit any gap in a roof, and are perfect for creating stylish, beautifully designed and naturally lit buildings.

Our high-performance rooflights are available in double and triple glazed constructions with tempered glass, with an option to upgrade to solar control or self-clean glass.   All our frames are designed and manufactured using thermally broken aluminium sections, mechanically jointed and can be powder coated into any colour.

  • Flat rooflight :

Flat rooflights are greatly suited for contemporary extensions and lofts, where roofs tend to be flat. They can be installed within any roof kerb to allow a controlled influx of light into the below space. These elements are generally mounted to a fixed up-stand on the roof, giving the building a modern and stylish look creating the illusion of open roof space.

  • Lantern

Roof lanterns can be made in different shapes and sizes including square pyramid, elongated pyramid and octagonal pyramid rooflight.

In addition to the traditional lanterns, we also offer frameless laterns consisting of slim structural sealed units bonded together, to create a minimalist and attractive look.

  • Openable Roof-Light (manual and electrically)

Openable rooflights are ideal for allowing natural ventilation, or access to roofs or roof terraces, filling the room with daylight and fresh air. Our manual or electrically openable rooflights combine efficient and minimal design with effortless automation. 

Electricaly openable rooflights are operated by a remote control, which enables a partial or full opening of the roof with the option of a built-in rain sensor, which closes the window automatically in the event of rain.

  • Walk-on rooflight: 

Walk-on rooflights are specifically designed for roof terraces, lightwells and areas that require pedestrian access, while bringing light into the spaces below. Walk-on rooflights are made from toughened laminated glass as double or triple glazed construction, with a range of anti-slip, semi-antislip and pixelated glass options to choose from.

  • Simple design, maximum daylight, minimum framework
  • Turn the building to something unique, stylish and modern.
  • High performance, light construction and low-maintenance
  • Exceptional heat insulation, light transmission and noise reduction.

Glass Balustrades and Balconies

The use of glass balustrades is becoming increasingly popular, as they create a contemporary feel and maximise the perception of space through a modern minimalist appearance, retaining views while providing the security and safety required for staircase, balconies and decks.

Used outside, glass balustrades make an excellent windbreak, while they are ideal for interior use too, for room partitions, mezzanines and more.

We provide a range of balustrade systems including, frameless, semi-frameless and handrailed, which are expertly designed to suit each project’s application, from staircases to external balconies.

There are various fixing methods for supporting the glass which we can offer according to your requirements including bolt-on fixing, vice fixing and channel fixing.

All glass balustrades we supply and install are made from toughened glass and are designed to stand the test of time.

  • Glass Balustrades are ideal for interior and exterior use
  • Introduce natural daylight into interiors
  • Balustrades can be used as safety barriers

Shower Enclosures

Glass shower screens are a great option for those that prefer a more open shower environment. Generally these feature a single openable door or a fixed panel, which can go from simple and elegant to the extraordinary, turning your bathroom into a showplace.

  • We supply and install frameless and semi frameless shower enclosures
  • Our team can assist in all aspects of design, supply and installation of shower screens
  • Choose from a variety of fitting needed (hinges, channels , handles) in a finish to match your existing hardware
  • Add a self-cleaning coat to prevent water residues

Walk-on Glass

Walk-on glass is manufactured from layers of toughened glass laminated together to create a strong and safe surface, which can fulfil important practical purposes such as introducing natural light to dark rooms and making greater use of floor or roof space.

We provide walk-on glass that can be tailored to meet many shapes and sizes for a range of applications including glass floor, roof-lights, stairs, walkways, glass bridges, hole-covers etc.

We offer 33-80mm toughened laminated walk-on glass as standard with a range of additional options, such as painted glass, various anti-slip finishes, and the option to double glaze the glass for external and fire resistance  applications.

The interlayer we mainly use when laminating the glass is EVA, which is ideal for both indoors and outdoors, as it is water-resistant. EVA interlayer is characterised by its extremely high transparency, durability and long term reliability.

  • Applications of Walk-on glass includes glass floor, roof-lights, stairs, walkways, glass bridges, hole-covers
  • We provide a range of lamination interlayers including EVA, PVB, SGP, smart switchable layer, Vanceva colours, fabrics and mesh.
  • We can treat the glass to make an anti-slip surface to outer pane

Structural Insulated sealed units

Insulated sealed units (double/triple glazed units) comprise of two panes of glass separated by a gas (Argon/Krypton/Xenon) filled space to improve thermal insulation. On average double glazed units are able to provide up to three quarter lower U-value compared to single glass panes. In addition using insulated sealed units, combined with draught proofing, will cut the level of audible noise from outside by up to half.

We provide the most cost effective solution to your structural sealed units requirements, whether it is sound insulation, solar control, thermal efficiency or self-cleaning, advances in the technology of glass have enabled more benefits to be gained from the sealed unit.

All our sealed units are bespoke and are made to our customer’s specifications, using the best materials and machinery to ensure high quality products, with up to 5 years warranty.

  • We can manufacture Insulated sealed units up to 6000 x 3000 mm
  • Achieve a U-value as low as 0.3 W/m2.K
  • Choose from a range of solar, thermal and active glass

Slim Sealed Units

Slim units are insulated sealed units that are slim enough to be installed in most of the existing wooden frames. In terms of thermal and acoustic insulations, these units are as good as standard double glazed units.

One of the biggest advantages of slim units is that they are fitted with ultra-low conductivity, warm edge spacer, which ensures dry glass from corner to corner.

Prime Glass is one of the leading manufacturers of slim units in South East England, providing high quality slim with highly competitive prices and fast turn-around.

  • Sim units can be as efficient as standard double glazed units
  • Slim units are ideal for listed building
  • Slim units can be used in existing wooden frame

Splashbacks (back painted glass)

Using splashbacks is the most practical way to brighten up your kitchen, bathroom or living room and to protect your décor from food and water spills. Our beautiful back painted glass enables architects and designers to create a special atmosphere in homes or offices, making the space truly unique.

Our toughened glass splashbacks are suitable for use behind cooker, induction or gas hob, as well as in showers, bathrooms, wet rooms and outside claddings.

  • Vibrant colour, contemporary style and luxurious feel
  • We offer an extensive range of coloured splashbacks with a choice of thickness between 4mm-19mm
  • Choose from a wide range of organic , RAL, and ceramic paints


Mirrors have long been used to create light and the impression of space - providing elegant finishing touches to any room. We keep a wide range of mirror products in stock, all of which can be cut to any size and shape, and finished with polished or bevelled edges.

  • Mirrors capture and reflect light to add perspective and depth to a room
  • We keep in stock a comprehensive range of mirrors in 4mm and 6mm thickness
  • We offer a range of silver , bronze, grey and antique mirrors

Aluminium Sliding and Bi-fold Doors

Siding and bifold doors enable architects to open up the room to the light creating a functional, open space for living and working. It allows the natural light to enter a room, maximising space and minimising the barriers between the inside and out giving your home individuality and character.

Choosing the right sliding or bifold doors for your house can be extremely important as it can become the charming feature that you need to transform your living space into a dream home.

We offer a range of aluminium doors you can choose from, including SCHUCO , ALUK and ELVIAL products which are the most popular, respected and reliable doors in the market.

Our experienced team is able to provide all of the information you need to ensure that your project runs smoothly from conception to handover.

  • Minimal design with excellent everyday function
  • Maximum light and energy efficiency
  • Turning windows into an artwork

Switchable Smart Glass

Switchable smart privacy Glass is an innovative, versatile solution for areas where selective privacy is needed. Smart glass alternates between a clear and opaque look at the touch of a button, providing privacy and security by acting as an electronic blind for glass, window or partition.

Through the application of an electrical current at a certain voltage the properties of the glass change turning it from transparent to opaque in less than 0.01 seconds. This transformation can be controlled from a range of wall switches, remote controls or sensors, depending on individual needs.

Our innovative smart switchable film can be either applied to both sides of your existing glass or it can be integrated within multi layered glass panels.

Switchable privacy glass products can be used for a variety of residential and commercial applications such as partition screens and walls, windows, roof-lights and doors, façade glass and security screens and even as an excellent HD projection screen.

  • Alternate between a clear and opaque look at the touch of a button
  • Can be applied to new and existing glass
  • Smart glass provides the perfect balance between style and privacy
  • Reduce your lighting and air conditioning costs.

Crittall Doors and Windows

Crittall doors and windows are made up of light steel frames, which are elegant and versatile and can be used to either replace your existing windows, or to create a stunning new look. The steel frames not only provide great strength, but they also offer exceptional performance and durability, making them very popular products for both external and internal applications.

The strength of hot rolled steel allows for a thin profile of the crittall windows, which means more glass, thus maximising the daylight and views creating a brighter interior to your home and an elegant and beautiful frame.

Using high performance double glazing, crittall windows also provide great insulation all year round.

  • Strong and maintenance free steel frames
  • Unsurpassed life cycle, makes Crittall windows a lifetime investment
  • Thin steel profile, providing more light and brighter space
  • Suitable for fire-resistant applications
  • Secure and cost-effective

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