Prime Glass is one of the leading glass processors and insulated glass units (IGUs) manufacturers in South East England.

At Prime Glass, we pledge to provide unparalleled quality and customer service to earn the respect and trust of our customers, colleagues and employees to work together to create an environment where people enjoy their work and are treated with respect, as we believe that team work is the key to our success.


With a variety of high profile projects under our belt, our commitment to excellence has brought us into strategic partnership with vendors who share our vision of customer service and product excellence.


As all of our products are manufactured in-house, we are able to offer most processed glass within 48 hours. Our control over our fabrication, enables us to deliver our project commitments on time and on budget.


We understand that you are buying products to last and that is why our products are extensively guaranteed for up to 5 years, and designed to last for far longer than that. Our prices are highly competitive and our after-sales care is unparalleled.


We design, manufacture and install all types of glass and glass related products to meet your needs. We are committed to the manufacture and installation of high quality glazing components for both the commercial and domestic sector.


Prime Glass specialises in processing of all types of glass by combining state of the art machinery with a highly skilled team to produce high quality products. In our plant we offer an extensive range of glass processing activities, allowing us to process all types of glass in a variety of ways to suit individual requirements.

At Prime Glass we believe that “Every customer is our most important customer”, and as part of our on-going commitment to customer satisfaction, it is our aim to offer the most reliable, fast and efficient service in all areas of our business.

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