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Glass Lamination


 Laminated Glass is a safety and security glass and is typically made up of two or more sheets of glass bonded together by an adhesive material. After the interlayer has been placed between the glass sheets, the whole assembly is subjected to heat and pressure to create a solid, durable glass construction. The interlayer is designed to ensures the glass layers remain bonded when broken, minimizing the risk of injury from sharp edges and flying or falling glass particles. Laminated glass is particularly suitable where it is important to ensure integrity of the whole sheet after breakage.

Prime Glass is a leading manufacturer and supplier of laminated glass in London. Our in-house laminating line can produce combinations of two or more layers of glass laminated together with an EVA interlayer using state-of-the-art machinery. EVA is hydrophobic and will not absorb moisture, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

In-house manufacturing of all our laminated glass, not only gives us control over lead time and quality, but also enables us to be competitive on cost.  We are also able to offer lamination of customer’s own glass with a 48 hour lead time.

Laminated Glass has become a basic building material for modern architecture and design, allowing the designers and architects to construct a variety of projects without compromising safety and security .

Benefits of Laminated Glass :

Sound and Thermal insulation

Remains intact or breaks safely on impact

Withstands repeated blows from heavy objects

Remains a barrier to entry even if the glass has been broken

Some of the applications of Laminated Glass :

Due to the added safety aspect of laminated glass it is generally used whenever there is a risk of an incident caused by falling glass, should the glass be damaged, to prevent potential injury. Hence this type of glass  it is widely used for various commercial, public and domestic applications including:

·         Exterior storefronts,

·         Walk-on glass, 

·         Overhead glazing, full-height barriers and windows,

·         Skylights and  balustrades,

·         Architectural glazing ,

·         Shop displays,

·         High security buildings such as banks windows and teller screens, hospitals and hotels,

·         Bullet resistant glass.