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Tel: +44 (0) 176 768 9625

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 Slimlite Sealed Unit

Prime Glass is one of the leading suppliers of Slimlite units in London. With a Lead time of 2-4 working days and highly competitive prices, our aim is to provide high quality, high speed production of Slimlite units.

Slimlites are double glazed units that are slim enough to be installed in most of the existing wooden frames. In terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, these units are as good as standard double glazed units.


Slimlite double glazed units are constructed with a 4mm clear outer pane with a selected cavity of 4mm, 5mm or 6.5mm, with selected cavity insulating inert gas (Argon/Krypton/Xenon), and inner pane of 4mm Low E glass. These units are able to provide comparable or better insulation (U-Values) than standard units with much wider cavities.

On average double glazed units are able to provide up to three-quarter lower U-value compared to single glass panes. In addition, using double glazed units, combined with draught proofing, will cut the level of audible noise from outside by up to half.

One of the biggest advantages of Slimlite units is that they are fitted with an ultra low conductivity, warm edge spacer, which ensures dry glass from corner to corner.

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